Bivvying Our Way Into The World Record Books

You may have seen on our socials or on previous posts that we were going to be bivvying our way into the record books. Our way into the Guinness World Record Book was fun. Yip, sleeping out in a bivvi with thousands of other people on 26th of March 2022.

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How We Got Involved

Many of you may wonder how we managed to get involved in trying to help with setting this wold record. Well this was due to the power of Facebook!

It came up as a suggestion from Facebook as a page you may like. This was probably due to liking many camping pages and following many camping and leisure retailers and organisations.

bivvy camp

I clicked the link to the page and had a read through The Bivvy Bag World Record Attempt page. The page was set up to commemorate the end of Russ Moorehouse’s, Sleeping With Wainwright Adventures. We have never bivvied before so decided this would be a great introduction to another style of camping and adventuring for us.

I was a little apprehensive due to how cold it can be in February. Knowing that none of our sleeping bags were rated for use in what could be freezing temperatures. We would normally car or site camp during winter so we had our SIM’s with good r-ratings and took extra blankets. If on site with EHU we would even sometimes have a small heater. This meant we didn’t need expensive winter sleeping bags. We did however buy these at a fraction of the cost of winter sleeping bags.

But, I went ahead and pressed the GOING button anyway and marked it the calendar. Now I just had to research bivvi bagging and bivvi setups and invest in some gear that would keep us warm. Oh, and get a couple of bivvi bags for the event.

Bivvy Bag World Record Attempt

The World Record Attempt would take place on February 26th 2022. Anyone, from anywhere in the world could join in and be part of this event. As it stands, there is no record for the amount of people sleeping out in a bivvy in one night.

To save anyone trying to manipulate the numbers a code word would need to be displayed on pictures. A codeword would be released at noon on the 26th of February. This codeword would need to be displayed in a picture of you bivvying.

Bivvying World Record Books codeword

A picture of you bivvying, displaying the codeword was to be uploaded to the site before noon the following day. This was to help minimise anyone trying to cheat. Adding old pictures or going out and getting pictures on another date not recognised by this event. Names of people in pictures and a rough location was also to be given when the pictures were uploaded.

There was also a few rules for this event. The main rule that had many people chatting was that of no poles. This meant no hooped bivvies, as they were too similar to one person tents. No use of walking poles to raise your tarp if you were using one. This also meant no use of branches or wood if they were not attached to a tree. This provided many laughs on threads and much confusion for some!

Our Night in a Bivvy Bag

So on the 26th we checked our kit, packed our bags, printed the codeword and laminated the paper to keep it safe. Before we left we had visitors so didn’t get to leave just as early as we would have liked. We were staying fairly local and headed to Loch Doon in the Galloway Forest. This is a regular camping place for us October – March.

We arrived an hour before sun down and went to look at a few favourite spots. They were all taken, either by campervans or other people camping in tents. The wind was getting up and we needed to find somewhere. We were looking for somewhere preferably with trees that we could use to create a ridgeline for our tarp. We eventually decided on the outskirts of a wooded area. The area consisted of all pine trees, with a few that had fallen in recent storms.

bivvy camp setup

This was a concern but I thoroughly checked that the trees that had uprooted and were stuck among other trees would not land on us if they came down. We then quickly set up our camp as we were losing light fast. In fact by the time we were set up it was dark. Now it was time for dinner. We made some Sticky Chinese Chicken with Noodles. We had pre-prepared the chicken, veg and marinade at home for quickness so it was ready to cook.

After dinner we enjoyed a cuppa before getting into our bivvy bags. It was still early so we lay and chatted for a bit before we turned in for the night.

A Cold Night

During the night I woke with the winds. These were getting stronger and pushing the tarp down onto us. We had positioned the tarp to keep most of the wind off us. As the wind pushed the tarp it started to move the ridge line forward. We remedied this with attaching a half filled water bottle to the front middle tab on the tarp. We hadn’t guyed this out, just the 2 front corners. Partly so we didn’t catch ourselves getting up in the dark for the toilet. We also didn’t think the winds would pick up as much during the night. But we will know the next time.

We woke in the morning to beautiful blue skies and some sheep nearby. It was still cold at around 3°, but it did feel colder with the wind. I made a coffee, shortly followed by some porridge and banana. Then we chatted a little about our first night in bivvy and whether we would do it again or not. We then got everything packed up, double checked the area to ensure we left no trace of us being there. Walked back to the car and headed home, happy that we had been part of something special.

Porridge and banana breakfast

Our Bivvy Camping Kit

Our bivvy camping kit consisted of the following items:

We used paracord that we already had for our ridgeline and spare guys we had in our peg bag. We used our small OEX Etna Stove and a small cookset and kettle. Oh, and we also took a small bivvy table that we use as a side table on bigger camp setups.

Did We Enjoy Our First Time Bivvying?

Although we were a little apprehensive due to the time of year WE LOVED IT! It was a new experience to us as campers and we WILL be doing it again. We probably won’t choose to do it in winter again but, we will be back out bivvying.

We think this would be ideal in warmer seasons and would allow us to pack light and camp at spots we would normally not be able to. We hope to have many more bivvying adventures this season and in the years to come.

Did We Set A World Record?

So, did we play a part in setting a World Bivvy Bag Record? We hope so. All pictures and details need to be gathered and looked at by officials. Counts will need to be made and double and triple checked. Only then will we know if we have made our way into the Guinness World Record Books. It may take up to 3 months for everything to be verified but stay tuned to find out.

If you don’t already follow us on Facebook why not drop by and give the page a like – We will post as soon as we hear anything about the record on there.

Do you bivvy, have you bivvied or would you like to try bivvying? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Bivvying Our Way Into The World Record Books”

  1. A very beautiful and interesting story about camping. I never spent a night in a tent in the woods and especially during the cold months. I would really like to do it once because I love nature so much. Good equipment is of great importance and the rules of nature conservation are also very important.

    • Hey Bojana, 

      Yes leaving no trace that you have been there being very important. Get to know the local wildlife and be sure not to disturb them or endanger them. We had sheep nearby so was careful that there was nothing left out that they could possibly eat if they came close during the night.

      You should try and get out camping sometime and relax and enjoy nature.

  2. Hi there,

    Wow, how impressive. I love it!

    I live in a country where we do a lot of bivies:) We don’t use tents, just a slipping bag, and we slip in the desert. The nights are freezing, and the days are hots. It’s challenging but fun because we are all friends from school together. 

    Today I do a lot of camping, but in RV, It’s more comfortable:). However, what tips would you give to teenagers that want to do bivy for the first time?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Daniella, Thanks for taking the time to read our post. Another bivvier! What great fun it is to be out there in nature isn’t it?

      I think for teenagers it is about getting to know their kit & rules for the area they plan to bivvy at before they go. Make sure that their family know where they are and what they are doing. Apps like What3words for location in emergencies and also a good grasp of what to do in an emergency. Knowing who to phone and what info needs to be relayed is important. Many young people panic and call friends or family first before emergency services, this can waste time especially if someone gets injured.

      Most of all have fun, respect the area and clean up after themselves.

      Hope this helps answer your question.



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