Big Daddy Roof Bag Review

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Do You Need Additional Transport Storage?

So, like us you love camping and the more you go the more gear you seem to acquire, does that sound familiar?

All this gear is great as it makes your camping experience more comfortable, but you are maybe now having trouble transporting it all to and from sites.

We all seemed to have played car Tetris at some point with our camping gear and we get to a stage where we need to look at options for extra transportation storage. For us, this was at the end of last season when we changed cars.

We changed from a people carrier to a small family car and then the search was on for how we were going to transport all our gear if we were going to campsites or on longer stay camping holidays. The following is how we came about reviewing the Big Daddy Roof Bag.


One thing we had to take into consideration was budget and most people are the same. We looked at the following three options:

• Roof bars and roof box

• Tow bar and trailer

• Roof bags and tail bags

Now not only did we look at prices for the above but also if it was worth fitting any of these to our car. For this, we had to consider how long we were planning to keep the vehicle we had just bought, and we also worked out a rough price per use for each item.

Non-Use Storage Space

Next thing we had to consider was where would we store our storage solution when not in use. Although roof bars and towbars remain fitted where would we store a roof box or trailer? This is when we completely did a U-turn on what we were planning to buy and started research roof bags.

Roof Bags

Well, now we had to figure out which roof bag would be best for us. So, we did what everyone else does and turned to the internet and camping forums to see what everyone was saying.

We were looking at sizes, how much they hold and how small they pack away, how to attach them to your vehicle, how waterproof they were (we live in Scotland after all) and usability, were they strong enough, were they made of good quality materials etc.

Some roof bags require you to have roof bars, which we didn’t have. We could have bought some cheap universal ones and installed them; this wasn’t really an issue. But then we came across the BIG DADDY V2 roof bag and it seemed perfect for what we needed it to do.

Big Daddy Stats

What you get:

Big Daddy Roof Bag

• Large 14 cubic feet or 400-litre bag with its own storage stuff sack.

Roof Protecter Mat

• Roof mat, to lay under the bag and avoid scratching your car roof.

• Extra 2 sets of straps, 1 for securing a heavier bag to your roof bars and a set to use with the bag if the car no roof bars. Cars that have no roof bars you just use the straps that simply clip into the top of your car door frame.

This is a great size of bag, made of heavy-duty, waterproof tarpaulin, the same material that big wall climbing bags are made of.

All materials are double and triple stitched, especially at the points where the strapping is stitched on. These areas also have reinforced material stitched in place.

As well as the pre-attached straps the bag also features extra strap holds for either further securing bag or for using the bag on a car without roof bars.

Additional Strap Holders

All these folds neatly away and can be stored in a cupboard or even in the boot of your car when not in use.

It can be fitted to your vehicle in less than 5 minutes and will not change the appearance of your car in any way, so no having to get in touch with your insurance for having altered your car with towbars and roof racks.

Our Opinion

We give a big thumbs up to the Big Daddy Roof bag. This is ideal for those on a budget or who need extra storage rather than piling everything around the kids. Whether your car is big or small, has roof racks or not.

We totally love that this bag folds away and can be stored just about anywhere, no having to make space in garages, sheds or even the garden if you went for a trailer. We can get all our gear in with some room to spare.

it also fits almost any car so even if you change your car you don’t need to change your storage solution, giving you more money to spend on gear and getting away.

We would recommend using this bag for the lighter yet bulkier items that you are transporting such as sleeping bags, SIM’s or inflatable beds or sofas, tent carpets and clothing.

If you’d like to buy a Big Daddy Roof Bag for your trips, you can buy them here.

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