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Whether you are wild camping or setting up on a camping site most people like to have a camping table to take with them. This can be for cooking on, preparing food, using for eating, bedside table, or simply for putting items on to keep them off the ground.

If you are like us you may have or want to have a few different tables for different styles of camping that you do. But, what if you could have a table that is suitable to use for all types of camping and has varying uses as a camping table?

This is where and why we think this compact camping table is a great piece of kit to have in your camping gear store. It is sold by a few camping retailers at varying prices and in various colours. These are, however, essentially the same table with the same specs only with different branding.

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An Essential Piece of Kit

We all have camping gear that we grow to love and for most that is either because it is an essential piece of our kit that we feel we can’t do without or it is a versatile bit of our camping kit.

For us, this item is our Compact Camping table. We love this table because of its versatility and take it on almost every camping trip, whether we are wild camping or glamping it up on a camping site with all the bells and whistles.

Compact Camping Table

It’s the size and the way it folds makes it so easy to carry and once it is set up it is a very sturdy table. For this table, all you have to do to set it up is take it out the bag, unroll and insert 2 rods through the tabletop slats. This is what gives the table its rigidity and strength. Then unfold the feet. the feet fold in such a way that you also have 2 heights to choose from when using this table.

Compact Camping Table Unpacked

We have had our table that long (maybe 8 or 9 years now) that we don’t even know the actual make of it as the carry bag has been washed so often there is no branding on it and none on the table. However, if my memory serves me right our table didn’t actually have branding on it all those years ago when it was new.

Not to worry though as this style of Compact Camping Table is made by a few well-known brands and they are all much the same.


As I said before we have grown to love this table because it is so versatile. Not only do we take it camping we also like to take it on days out too. If we fancy going away for the day in the car, maybe a drive up through Glencoe or Glen Etive or even down through the Galloway Forrest we like to take our compact table, small cooker, kettle and maybe some cook wear if it is the colder weather and we want something warm for lunch.

Compact Camping Table with Stove

This saves having to wait about in busy cafes and means we can have the freedom to enjoy a cuppa or our lunch in more beautiful surroundings and made just the way we like it.

But here we have noted some other ways we use this fab little table.

We use it if we are using our single stove to raise the stove off the ground to cook or make a pot of tea.

As a small table for our cups and books if we are chilling in front of the tent. This applies to wild, car, or campsite camping.

A small bedside table when away in the larger tent at campsites. Ideal for phones, glasses, alarm clocks, and drinks.

Dimensions & Weights

As we have already stated this is a compact camping table, but what does that really mean when it comes to size and weight. Well, we have provided a quick glance picture below and then a more in-depth look at these.

The table is made from aluminum thus giving it both a lightweight but strong frame and it can be used to cook upon with your stove without fear of damage.

compact camping table stats

The table dimensions are 40 cm length, 28cm depth and it has two heights, one of 10 cms and a higher height of 16 cms.

The packed size is a mere 10 cm x 8 cm x 42 cm and this is when it is folded and packed in the carry bag for transport.

It only weighs 700 gms but can take a load of up to 30 kgs. For us, that is quite impressive.

Compact Camping Table in Bag

Is it For You?

Do you think you would use this type of table on any of your camping outings?

If so you can purchase them here.

There are many to choose from although we have found at this time with as many people taking up camping that some equipment is getting harder to find online.

But, have a look around and see if you can find yourself a table suitable for any camping trip or even fun days out.

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