Best Camping Gear for Dogs

We are going to look at some of the best camping gear for dogs on the market today. That’s right your dog will need some camping gear of its own if you are planning on taking them camping with you.

If you would like to read more about what you should know before taking your camping please read our other post A Guide to Successfully Taking Your Dog Camping where you will find lots of useful information.

Camping Gear for Dogs

Many people now take their dogs camping with them and this is for many reasons. They may not want to be booking their dog into kennels every time they go on holiday. Dog’s have become an integrated part of family life and they are treated as a family member by many. Why shouldn’t the dog get a holiday and change of scenery too. Many people want to have adventures with their beloved dogs. After all dog’s are known as mans best friend so why would you not want to have an adventure and spend more down time with them.

So in this post we are going to look at some camping gear for dogs that would enrich your dogs camping experience. As we know our dogs are an integral part of our family lives these days so we need to ensure that their needs are also met and they are as comfortable as possible while away having adventures together.


Beds are important when taking your dog camping. If you leave them lying on the cold ground during the night, they will feel the cold. Dog’s are used to being in nice warm houses and they are not used to laying on a cold ground so a well insulated or raised bed is ideal for them.

Raised beds are also ideal as they normally fold or collapse in some way for easier transport to and from the campsite. Like this one here that you can see folds away similar to our own camp beds.

Another good bed for keeping your beloved friend off a cold ground is a well insulated mat or bed. You can now get many self-heating pet mats and beds on the market. You can use the mat or bed on it’s own or pair it up with a raised bed if it is suitable.

Sleeping Bags

Yes you read right, a sleeping bag for your dog. To be honest I’m not too sure what I think of these. Yes if your dog feels the cold and is used to being under covers while they sleep, these could be just what you are looking for. I am just a little concerned in case your dog may get injured by tripping on them.

That being said you know what your dogs likes and needs are more than anyone else and if you think your pooch would like their own sleeping bags you may like to check them out here.

They come in all colours and sizes so I am sure you will find one to suit your best friend so that they can enjoy a great nights sleep too.

Food and Water Bowls

Another essential item that you will need to take camping for your dog is food and water bowls. You could always take their own from home but these can be bulky items at times, especially if you own a large breed dog. The favourite camping dog bowls on the market these days are good collapsible ones. They collapse down for easier transport and take up way less room than everyday bowls. They are easily cleaned and durable making them one of the more essential camping items for your furry friend.

colapz dog bowl set
dog bowls with food and water storage cup

Of course, you will need 2 of these bowls, one for food and one for water. Collapsible bowls come in all shapes and sizes. You can have separates or ones that come together in their own little zipper case like the ones from Colapz. If you would like to see a full range of what is available why not check this lot out. Some even come with a food and water storage jar.


Another important thing when camping is how you are going to keep your dog near the tent while on the campsite. People tend to go with one of two options. They either surround their tent with windbreakers to create a safe space for pets to be off the lead or untethered or they use a dog tether so that their dog is unable to run off or wander. Dog tethers are great when used correctly. A tether with a 360° attachment are the best as it prevents tangles and is designed with the dog’s safety in mind.

dog tether

Again there are many to choose from and we would recommend tethers that are anchored to the ground using tent style pegs rather than the screw-in type. There are two reasons for this, the first being that screw in types do not have the 360° swivel attachment at the top and your dog could still get tangled. Secondly, the pegged type are low profile and less of a trip hazard for both you and your pet and mostly come with a good swivel attachment with nothing above it to get tangled on. These make them safer for everyone.

The choice is yours and you can find a full range of dog tethers suitable for camping here.

Doggie Backpacks

Do you like to spend camping days going on adventures? If so having your dog with you can make the adventure all the more fun by sharing the experience with them. However, it normally always means carrying more items such as food and water for your dog plus bowls. Maybe a spare towel should your dog go for a swim.

One way to save you from having to carry the extra load is to get your dog to carry some of it’s own items. With plenty of people choosing to use dog saddle bags to allow their pooch to carry some of it’s its own items while out on an adventure it can save valuable space in your own rucksack.

These come in all shapes, colours and sizes and are ideal for your dog to carry some lightweight gear such as towels, collapsible bowls and maybe a few treats. Please note these also double as a harness.

If you would like to check out a wide range of what is on the market in these dog adventure packs look here to be spoiled for choice.

Cool Mats

Cool mats, we feel are an essential item if you are planning to take your dog camping during the summer months when the temperatures are much higher. Dogs can become overheated very quickly in the summer and it can not only make your dog very sick but be dangerous too.

For this reason, there are many steps you should take to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible in the heat. So as well as ensuring there is always fresh, cold drinking water and a shaded area for your dog a cool mat can add that little bit of extra comfort.

dog on cool mat

These cool mats are made using a non-toxic gel that will help cool your pet down in warm weather. The mat will become warm during use as it draws the heat away from your dog but will cool down while not in use ready for when your do next lies on it. They are easily cleaned with water and a cloth and don’t require freezing.

These are not only great for when camping but also at home, in the car when travelling too. Just ensure that you place the mat in a shaded area, out of direct sunlight for it to work optimally.

For a range of cool mats in all colours, materials and sizes please visit here.


Other essential items you must not forget to pack for your dog’s camping trip are their toys and some form of enrichment to help keep them happy, stimulated and occupied. Not only do toys provide your dog with fun items to play with they can also be good comforters if it is your dogs first camping trip or even just because they are away from home it gives them some familiar items of their own.

camping gear for dogs

These can be a few of their favourite toys from home. Although I would recommend leaving the ones that squeak at home as not everyone on the campsite will appreciate your dog having fun with a noisy toy. Balls or fetch toys for when you go a walk and are able to let your dog off the lead to exercise.

Another thing you may like to consider is an enrichment toy while they are away. This can be as simple as a lick mat to keep them busy while providing them with food or you could look at some of the puzzle feeders on the market now.

First Aid for Dogs

You would not go camping without carrying a first aid kit for your family so why would you not carry one for your pet. These don’t need to be anything elaborate, just a few items you may need for your furry friend.

Of course if your pet is on medication you will need to pack enough for your time away. There are a few items that we think are essential for packing for your dog and these include a tick remover, antiseptic wound spray, thermometer, some saline wash to clean cuts and some wound dressing and not to forget some gloves for you to waer while administering any first aid to your pet.

You can simply make up your own first aid kit for your dog or buy one online from Amazon.

Checking your dog regularly for ticks is essential and if you would like to read more on this please check out Ticks and Lyme Disease – What You Need To Know where we cover tick removal.

What Gear Will Your Dog Love

We hope this post has given you some food for thought when it comes to the best camping gear for your dog. W e also hope that this will allow your dog to have the best camping experience ever while being cool and comfortable during the day and warm and cosy at night.

Happy dogs = happy owners (normally, unless they have found something interesting to roll in or chase or chew)

If you have experience with camping with your dog and have any other recommendations please leave a comment below to help others who may never have camped with their pet. Likewise, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask. We will do our very best to answer.,

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4 thoughts on “Best Camping Gear for Dogs”

  1. These are some cool things Sparky will thank you for. I would like to buy several but right now I can only afford cool mats. I saw one being used before the pandemic started and I felt that dog was enjoying it very much. I had forgotten about it, but now that you have included it here, I’d like to have one.

    • Hi Paolo, thanks for reading and I’m sure Sparky will love a cool mat for the warmer days. Dogs can overheat very quickly in the heat and it is owners responsibility to ensure they are kept cool and hydrated to save illness.

  2. Great idea of keeping our dog comfortable when we go camping, I love to please my Dog, personally I like to bring her bed, she doesn’t have sleeping bag, i should consider to get one, you never know when the temperature can drop.

    Toys are also important to keep her entertain and Her food of course.

    I don’t owned a Camping trailer so we always drive my minivan, that’s another thing in mind i need to get.

    Great article, and thank for sharing it!!!


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