Freedom Trail Sendero 6 – Weekend Tent Review

Sendero 6 Review

Hi and welcome to my review of the new Freedom Trail Sendero 6 This is the tent that my partner and I have used as our weekend tent for the past 2 years so I am very familiar with it. This has served us well as our weekend tent but there a few points that … Read more Freedom Trail Sendero 6 – Weekend Tent Review

Vango Casa Family Tent Review

Vango Casa Family Tent Review

Introducing the Vango Casa Hi and welcome to my review of the new Vango Casa family tent. This is a new tent from Vango for 2018. When I first saw this tent I really did fall in love with it. Bearing in mind that it was only a picture and at this point, I hadn’t … Read more Vango Casa Family Tent Review

Arran Camping – Scotland in Miniature

Seal Shore Seals

Camping in Arran – Scotland in Miniature Are you looking for somewhere new to visit and go camping? Maybe you’ve been before like I have and would like to revisit. Where am I talking about? Arran! The little island off the west coast of Scotland that is called “Scotland in Miniature” The reason I have … Read more Arran Camping – Scotland in Miniature

Tent Carpets

Tent Carpets –Yey or Ney?

Tent carpets are an individual preference and can sometimes depend on budget too.  If you are lucky you can get one as part of a tent bundle and that will save you some money.

Personally now that we use carpets in our tent I love them.  They help keep you warmer, especially getting in and out of bed, no cold tarp against your feet.  They are also easier to clean when spillages occur.  No having to mop out the tent or get down on your knees to clean up.  On the latter I was always worried that cleaning products would damage the material of the groundsheet too and make it less waterproof. 

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Camping Season 2018 – Get Prepared!

Planning for the 2018 Season

Well now that the holidays are well and truly over and you’re settled back in to your routine with life, work and family it’s time to start planning your year of camping, if you haven’t already done so.  For all you that camp through the winter, I salute you and envy you.  Now that I’m older this is something I now don’t do.  Maybe it just an age thing but I feel the cold a lot more and don’t find it as enjoyable.

I love nothing better than looking at sites and dates and trying to plan my time away.  Phone calls to friends and family to see if they want to do any joint camps and when.  It really starts the passion burning again for the year ahead after sometimes a long winter, especially if I’ve not managed to camp during this time.

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