Nikwax for Washing Outdoor Clothing


Winter and Dirty Gear I love nature at any time of the year but what I hate, or at least dislike in the autumn and winter months is the dirt that seems to get everywhere when you are spending time out enjoying nature. Dirty boots and trousers from walking, dirty bums from having a seat … Read more

Storing Food While Camping

Food Storage while Camping

Camping Food Planning For many campers, food plays a big part in our camping trip. It doesn’t matter what type of camper you are, whether you like to backpack or hike into the wilderness for a few days or spend a few weeks on your favourite family campsite, I bet, planning what you are going … Read more

Camping Checklists

Camping Checklists

Camping Checklist There is nothing worse than getting to the campsite and realising you have forgotten something, especially if it is a large or essential part of your kit. For this reason, we have come up with a camping checklist for you to use before you head off to ensure you have everything you need. … Read more

Sweet French Toast

A Real Breakfast Treat Camping breakfasts don’t have to be just bacon butties or fry ups (although they are good). If like us, when you are at home you can get caught up in routines and being busy and breakfast just becomes a quick meal you have in the morning. While camping, things are more … Read more

Tent Spares and Repairs

Tent Spares

This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning I may earn a commission if you use those links.  Please read my full disclosure for more information. Repair Not Replace Welcome to our tent spares and repairs blog post where you can learn that for a fraction of the price you can get/buy spare parts to repair … Read more


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