Airgo Solus Horizon 4 Inflatable Tent Review

Welcome to my review of the new Airgo Solus Horizon 4, Inflatable Tent.

Airgo Solus

The Airgo Solus Horizon 4, is a 4 man inflatable tent which is very stylish, compact and super quick to pitch as all the inflatable tents are.  This tent is super lightweight for a tent of its size which I feel is another added bonus.

The Airgo Solus Horizon 4 has become quite a popular little tent this year and has been popping up on sites up and down the country and once you have read this review you will see why.

This is a great little tent that comes with its own pump included.  With a pitch time of only 5 minutes, it makes it an ideal tent for couples looking for a little extra room or a small family looking to get away for weekends. This tent is easily pitched by one person if required so makes it a great tent for 1 parent families to getaway in.

These are very sturdy and rigid tents once inflated but have enough “give” to stand up to the elements and strong winds.  I was very surprised that it seemed just as sturdy as some steel-framed tents.

Inflatable tents are designed so you peg them out first, inflate the air beams then peg out the guy lines.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to pitch.

The Airgo Solus Horizon 4 comes in one bag and the pump and steel pegs are also supplied.

The Specs

StructureNo poles required as this is an air beam inflatable tent.


The tent has 3 air-beams each with individual inflation points

Guy LinesThe tent comes with pre-attached guy lines which are brightly coloured (luminous) and even have their own little storage pockets for when stowed away to save them getting tangled
FabricsThe tent is made of super lightweight fabric, 190T polyester PU for the flysheet and a breathable polyester for the inner bedroom. The tent has a fully sewn-in groundsheet.
Cable Entry Yes, there is a cable entry point on this tent but an added extra is that there is also an internal cable entry to take power into the bedroom pod.
WindowsThere are 4 generous sized windows in the living area to allow plenty of light into the tent. 2 triangular windows to the front and one on each side (1 of which is on the door panel).  All windows have privacy curtains so you can close them when needed and they can all be rolled back and toggled in place when not in use.
Doors2 large doors. 1 to the front of the tent and 1 to the side. The side door also has a mesh panel that you can zip closed, leaving the door open but keeping the bugs out and a window incorporated for additional light when closed. This makes the tent more versatile when it comes to the way you wish to layout your living area.
Ventilation Ventilation panels to the rear of the tent to help prevent the build-up of condensation.
Bedrooms 1 bedroom, bedroom pod also has storage pockets for keeping items secure and off the floor.
Living Area1 large living area that is light and airy due to windows and doors.  This provides space for your other camping equipment or even a table and chairs set.  There is plenty of storage in the living area and also a central lantern hanging point.
Optional ExtrasFor this tent, you can also purchase a made to size footprint and a carpet for some added comfort.  Please note these are optional extras and do not come with the tent.
Airgo Dimensions
Person4 person
Hydrostatic Head4000mm
Standing RoomYes
Weight12.7 kg
Pitch Time5 minutes
PriceFrom £399.00

*please note that price was correct at time of publishing and will updated on a regular basis.


I really like this little air beam tent.  It is much more sturdy than I would have initially thought, more so than some of the poled tents the same size.  It is compact and lightweight which is fantastic for grabbing and going on last-minute weekend getaways.  The fact that the pump is included and the pitch time is so quick also gives great benefits when you want to getaway.  This is recommended as a weekend tent and this is exactly what I would use it for.  If you have to pitch a tent yourself for any reason I would definitely consider this as a great piece of kit.

Not sure which tent is for you? Why not use our free Tent Comparison Guide to help you figure it out. Simply click on the link below to download it. This will help you compare the tents you look at so you can see at a glance the specs for each tent you like and allow you to make a more informed decision. Use it when looking online or print and take it tent shopping to make things that little bit easier.

Free PDF Tent Comparison Guide

Do you have this tent?  How do you rate it?

Tell others about your experience of using it and help them make a more informed decision.

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4 thoughts on “Airgo Solus Horizon 4 Inflatable Tent Review”

  1. Wow, so cool! I’m apparently WAY out of the camping loop, because I’ve never even heard of a tent with inflatable “poles”! This Airgo Solus Horizon 4 Inflatable Tent sounds so lightweight compared to my tent. I really do love my big tent, but I have an issue with the weight of the whole thing. Haha, I’m thinking now that I NEED to replace mine.

    Having a ceiling high enough for my husband to stand under is important. How high is this tent’s ceiling?

    I know this would make an awesome wedding shower gift for many couples!

    Here’s another question: can you tell me how many storage pockets are inside?

    I know many folks who go camping all the time, and others who would love to. I’ll definitely pass this post along to everyone!

    • Hi Laura, 

      I am glad you liked the post and the tent.  The Airgo Solus Horizon 4 is one of the smaller air beam tents and has a ceiling height of around 185cm.  There are bigger air beam tents on the market now and I will be reviewing a few of these over the coming weeks, so keep checking in.

      This tent has 4 good sized pockets in the living area (on the outside of the bedroom pod) great for stowing away smaller items. There are also 2 pockets on the lower inside of the bedroom pod, ideal for keeping the room floor tidy.

      I personally love the fact they are easier to put up and more light weight that conventional poled tents. You can also purchase an electric pump to inflate them!  I just hope that the air beam tents will allow more senior people or those with mobility issues to camp for a few years longer than they would using heavier tents. 

      Happy Camping


  2. Hi. My wife and 5 year old daughter went camping for the first time last summer. We purchased the Airgo Solus Horizon 4 and feel we really spoilt ourselves deciding to go for a tent with inflatable poles. It’s a great tent, it took us around 20min/half hour to set up but remember this ws our first time camping. We even made a mistake in the direction we faced unpegged it and quite easily spun it around and re-pegged it again.
    There was just about enough room for the 3 of us and our tonne of extras.
    The one question I do have….It doesnt look like theres a porch available to add on to this…we really would had like that.
    Does anyone know where we could purchase a compatible/adaptable Porch of sorts to add on to this tent…any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.o

    • Hi D,
      So glad you enjoyed your time away in the Solus Horizon 4. An Extension really does give you lots of extra space when away and I’m surprised that Airgo hasn’t done a porch for this tent. On looking there are 2 other porches that Airgo do that may fit your tent, these are Airgo Cirrus Porch and the Airgo Stratus Porch. These are both made by Airgo, and both are inflatable the only downside is that they are different colours to your tent.
      Just be sure that when looking to use the measurements of your tent to ensure the canopy will fit over it.
      If you do get a porch please be sure to let us know, would love to see a pic.


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