Adventuridge 2 Man Tent – Budget-Friendly, Lightweight Tent from Aldi

If you are looking for a budget, lightweight camping tent then this little tent might surprise you. Whether you would like to try some wild camping or backpacking or are just looking for a small tent that you can pick up and go. This 2-man tent could be just what you are looking for.

adventuridge 2 man tent

Sold in Aldi this tent might not be available to buy all year round. This is one of the downfalls of the adventuridge range. Although popular, most camping items are only sold twice a year during the camping event special buys. You may be lucky and be able to pick one up online at or a preloved one on a selling site.

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Adventuridge 2-Man Tent

A nice little 2-person tent that is ideal for wild camping and backpacking. The tent come in blue, as shown in our pictures or an olive green colour.

Due to the design of this tent, we would only recommend it as a 2-season tent. This is due to the design of the inner rather than the flysheet. The flysheet on this tent has a 3000mm Hydrostatic Head. However, the groundsheet on the inner tent is only raised about an inch and a half around the sides.

The tent is pitched inner first, then the flysheet can be attached and pegged out. There is only one door in this tent. This means if 2 people are sharing one will need to climb over the other when needing to get in or out of the tent.

inner tent
Inner Tent

There is a lantern hanging point and two large storage pockets on the inner tent.


Structure – 2 lightweight aluminium poles help provide the structure for this tent.

Guys – Guy lines are not pre-attached and you have to attach them yourself.

Fabric – the Flysheet is polyester and has a HH of 3000mm

Windows – none

Doors – there is only one entry point to this tent.

Ventilation – The tent is well ventilated to stop condensation build-up.

Hydrostatic Head – 3000mm

Tent Pitched: Outer Tent 240 x 220 x 90cm, Inner tent: 230 x 140 x 85cm,

Carry bag: 53 x 15 x 12cm (approx.)

At A Glance

Standing RoomNo
Weight1.75 Kg
Pitch TimeAround 10 minutes

*Please note that prices were correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change. We will endeavour to update these prices on a regular basis.

'all in the bag

Our Thoughts

Well as a budget tent goes this is not too bad at all. It would be a bit of a squeeze as a two person tent, especially if you want to get your gear in out of the weather. Also, two mats side by side would be tight unless they were 3/4 length ones.

The only other thing that I could fault it on was that the inner tent polyester fabric was a little noisy. It sort of crinkled, a bit like the sound of a crisp packet. I wear ear plugs most nights in the tent anyway so it wouldn’t really affect me much.

After we had it out, we pitched it again in the garden to get the hose on it and see how waterproof it was and it didn’t let anything in so that was a bonus.

If you are looking to try out some wild camping. Maybe some summer through hiking and are looking for something easy on the pocket, then this is an alright little tent.

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