A New Year, New Camping Season

As 2021 comes to an end and we think back on this year’s camping trips. We start to plan future trips and camps and wonder what 2022 has in store for us. A New Year also means a New Camping Season! Lots of plans to be made and thoughts of new gear, new campsites and new experiences.

So, why am I not as excited as I would normally be, looking towards a new camping season? Well…

I am excited, don’t get me wrong, just not as much as usual. I am more apprehensive this year, as I am sure many of you may be. Cancelled bookings, travel restrictions, cancelled events, isolation phases etc, etc. I am sure many people will be feeling the same about planning out their camping season.

Covid has been disruptive in so many ways for us all and it looks like it will be sticking around at least for the start of 2022.

New Year, New Camping Season

What To Do

For the past week now I have been pondering over this. What should we do in relation to planning next years camping season?

Should we hold off on booking some camping trips until we see how things go with Covid 19? Should we just go all in and plan everything as we would normally do and hope that nothing gets cancelled? Or should we just book a few camps and see how things play out before planning the rest.

We have two camping events already in the diary for the start of the year. One is a local fundraiser and the other is to participate in a World Record Attempt. (Why not join us for this. Details below)

Our other event that we normally kick the year off with has already been cancelled! I think this is maybe what makes me so hesitant to rush in and book or plan too many camping trips for 2022. This was, of course, the Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Home Show at the SEC in Glasgow.

If you would like to see some other camping and camping related events, like the one above you can visit our events page – Camping Shows and Events 2022

But let’s speak about the other two events.

New Year, New Adventures

So our first two events that we have to start the season are in February. One a charity event and the other a Bivvy Bag World Record Attempt. Both events involve camping out in a bivvy.

We love camping and getting outdoors but neither of us have ever slept out in a bivvy. So not only will these 2 events be a new challenge for us, it will also tick off something that I have always wanted to try. The main reason for us signing up to both.

Although February is normally one of the coldest months of the year, I feel that both events will bring challenges other than the cold.

Camp Out for Cancer

This is a local charity event and will take place at a local racecourse, in Ayr. The challenge is to spend one night, outdoors, without a tent. We were to simply wrap up and take our sleeping bags with us. We will be provided with a mat and and waterproof bag cover at the event.

You could choose to do this event on your own as long as you could record and submit proof of actually sleeping out. This would have been my preferred option. But, not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I also know there are going to be other campers in attendance at the racecourse. Campers who have experience with bivvy bag camping, campers who I can try and seek out and get more advice from. This in preparation for the following weekend where we will be out in the wild bivvy bag camping for real.

This event will take place on February 19th 2022 and if you would like to visit our JustGiving Page you can do so at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/michelle-morrison13

Bivvy Bag Camping

Bivvy Bag World Record Attempt

Our next event has been organised by the wonderful Russ Moorhouse and is an event I found through Facebook. This event is open to anyone and takes place on the 26th February 2022.

Russ created this event to mark the end of his Sleeping with Wainwright adventures, he has slept on all 214 Wainwrights! His efforts recently won him second place in the @tgomagazine Outdoor Personality of the Year Awards. Coming second to, none other, than Chris Packham.

If this is a challenge you would like to take part in you can find more details over on the Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/groups/411508870456399

Both of these events will be their own little mini adventures that will hopefully lead to bigger adventures for us as the season plays out. Bivvying to me would open up more possibilities and adventures, just need to convince the other half.

What About The Rest of The Season?

Well so far we have nothing else booked. We have a list of some places we would like to visit and another for places we would like to do some wild camping. But, apart from that we have yet to book anything.

Why is this? Well last year we eagerly planned out our whole season rather early on and then was met by a fair few disappointing cancellations. It really did put a dampener on things, especially at the start of the season. We had to cancel because of Covid, campsites cancelled on us due to covid and regulations.

Now, I know campsites where busy last season, we were on a few that were packed. I also think that this season may be the same again and that is why I am struggling to decide whether to get in early and book or wait till nearer the time and book.

Even some wild camping hotspots were a no-go last year simply due to people out so-called “wild camping”. We actually spent a few of our camping days clearing mess left by others. Not such a relaxing weekend getaway when you spend your time doing this.

So, I think this year may be a year of winging it and seeing what adventures come our way. At least we have a few planned. These will be great for testing out and reviewing some new gear too. Hopefully even allowing us to learn to travel even lighter for some of our camping adventures.

on the campsite

For the rest I think we will wait another month or 2 and see what else Covid may bring before solidly booking anything else.

What About You?

We would love to visit Wales, either 2022 or 2023 for some camping so if you could suggest any good areas or campsites, why not drop us a line in the comments. Also what are your plans for the 2022 camping season? Are you booked, just looking, holding off for now? Let us know in the comments.

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